Tổng hợp 28 facebook ad targeting tool mới nhất hiện nay

Tổng hợp 28 facebook ad targeting tool mới nhất hiện nay

Dưới đây là bài viết Facebook ad targeting tool hay nhất được bình chọn

Video Facebook ad targeting tool

1 Audience Builder: Find Hidden Interest To Target With Your

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  • Tác giả: audiencebuilder.io
  • Ngày đăng: 03/17/2022
  • Đánh giá: 4.88 (635 vote)
  • Tóm tắt: Search MULTIPLE keywords at once; Using our auto-suggest feature you can even identify related keywords as you search; Do a quick Facebook™ or Google™ search on 

2 The Fool-proof Guide To Mastering Facebook Advertising – Biteable

  • Tác giả: biteable.com
  • Ngày đăng: 02/08/2022
  • Đánh giá: 4.64 (472 vote)
  • Tóm tắt: Facebook Ads Manager gives you control of Facebook’s most powerful advertising and targeting tools. It’s exactly the same tool as the pros use

3 Facebook Ads Audience Interests Tool – First Page

  • Tác giả: firstpage.com.au
  • Ngày đăng: 03/17/2022
  • Đánh giá: 4.59 (263 vote)
  • Tóm tắt: Facebook™ only shows you 25 interest suggestions when you are creating your campaigns so this an awesome way to find thousands of targetable but hidden Facebook 

4 9 Facebook Ad Targeting Tips for More Conversions – Hootsuite Blog

  • Tác giả: blog.hootsuite.com
  • Ngày đăng: 03/26/2022
  • Đánh giá: 4.23 (259 vote)
  • Tóm tắt: · These 9 Facebook targeting tactics will help you boost ad conversions and lower the cost per … Go back to the Filter selection tool

5 5 Ridiculously Powerful Facebook Ad Targeting Strategies

  • Tác giả: wordstream.com
  • Ngày đăng: 02/03/2022
  • Đánh giá: 4.01 (578 vote)
  • Tóm tắt: · If you advertise on Facebook, you probably know you can target audiences with a dozen different ad formats and thousands of possible ad 

6 Search Hidden Facebook Interests for free

  • Tác giả: peakadinterest.com
  • Ngày đăng: 02/12/2022
  • Đánh giá: 3.92 (497 vote)
  • Tóm tắt: A free Facebook interest targeting tool helps you find thousands of hidden Facebook™ interests in 100 different languages. Fix high CPM ads and increase 

7 9 Facebook Advertising Tools That’ll Save You Time and Money

  • Tác giả: neilpatel.com
  • Ngày đăng: 03/21/2022
  • Đánh giá: 3.7 (411 vote)
  • Tóm tắt: This is the most basic Facebook marketing tool, but that doesn’t mean it has … Why run ads when your target audience isn’t online and ready to buy?

8 Intro to Facebook Audiences – AdEspresso

  • Tác giả: adespresso.com
  • Ngày đăng: 11/29/2021
  • Đánh giá: 3.56 (305 vote)
  • Tóm tắt: Detailed targeting helps you narrow your saved audience by including or excluding people based on their demographics, interests, and behavior. By adjusting for 

9 Free Facebook Hidden Ad Interest Finder – Primal

  • Tác giả: primal.co.th
  • Ngày đăng: 04/22/2022
  • Đánh giá: 3.28 (374 vote)
  • Tóm tắt: Use this Facebook™ interest targeting tool to create hyper-focused advertising based on people’s interests. It is 100% free, this tool was used by our 

10 Free Facebook Interest Targeting Tool – EACHSPY

  • Tác giả: eachspy.com
  • Ngày đăng: 09/27/2021
  • Đánh giá: 3.16 (257 vote)
  • Tóm tắt: Free Facebook Audience Finder Tool (Explained) … Do you want to increase the ROI of your Facebook Ads? Do you often don’t know how to target your ad audience?

11 Free Facebook Interest Targeting Tool – Engine Scout

  • Tác giả: enginescout.com.au
  • Ngày đăng: 03/06/2022
  • Đánh giá: 2.94 (162 vote)
  • Tóm tắt: Discover Hidden Facebook Audiences You Didn’t Know Existed with Facebook Ad Hunter. 100% Free. Reduce Your Facebook Ad Spend

12 AdTargeting – Improve your ads targeting | AppSumo

  • Tác giả: appsumo.com
  • Ngày đăng: 05/02/2022
  • Đánh giá: 2.84 (156 vote)
  • Tóm tắt: It is self-evident that having an effective targeting tool is important. … AdTargeting focuses on interest ad targeting analysis of Facebook and Google

13 9 Remarkable Facebook Ad Tools That’ll Save You Time and Money

  • Tác giả: socialpilot.co
  • Ngày đăng: 05/02/2022
  • Đánh giá: 2.61 (83 vote)
  • Tóm tắt: SocialPilot has powerful audience targeting options to reach Facebook users who are most likely to engage with your ads. Just select the audience you’ve 

14 Facebook Targeting Tool: An All In One Guide To Shine Your Ad

  • Tác giả: poweradspy.com
  • Ngày đăng: 05/17/2022
  • Đánh giá: 2.53 (56 vote)
  • Tóm tắt: Facebook advertising provides numerous targeting options such as Facebook interest targeting tool and Facebook audience targeting tool that allows you to

15 AdTargeting – #1 Free Facebook Interest Targeting Tool

  • Tác giả: adtargeting.io
  • Ngày đăng: 12/17/2021
  • Đánh giá: 2.52 (66 vote)
  • Tóm tắt: AdTargeting – #1 Free Facebook Interest targeting tool. It enables you to discover hidden or niche interests and get Facebook advertiser analysis to max the 

16 Researchers show Facebook’s ad tools can target a single user

  • Tác giả: techcrunch.com
  • Ngày đăng: 02/23/2022
  • Đánh giá: 2.39 (189 vote)
  • Tóm tắt: · The extension, called Data Valuation Tool for Facebook Users, parsed each user’s Facebook ad preferences page to gather the interests assigned 

17 Facebook Interest Targeting Tool – Nanos.ai

  • Tác giả: nanos.ai
  • Ngày đăng: 08/05/2022
  • Đánh giá: 2.32 (198 vote)
  • Tóm tắt: Our Facebook Interests Targeting Tool (AEX) finds hidden and smart Interests for your Facebook Ads Campaigns using AI and NLP

18 Top 5+ Best Facebook Ad Targeting Tools 2022 (Top Pick)

  • Tác giả: bloggersideas.com
  • Ngày đăng: 04/07/2022
  • Đánh giá: 2.25 (191 vote)
  • Tóm tắt: Top 5+ Best Facebook Ad Targeting Tools 2022 (Top Pick) · 1) Madgicx · 2) Hootsuite Ads · 3) AdRoll · 4) Qwaya · 5) AdEspresso 

19 3 Best Types of Facebook Ad Audience to Target – Sociallybuzz

  • Tác giả: sociallybuzz.com
  • Ngày đăng: 11/25/2021
  • Đánh giá: 2.12 (94 vote)
  • Tóm tắt: The most common Facebook ad audience targeting option is the demographics (age and gender). This option allows you to target your ads based on the age and 

20 Facebook Interest Targeting Tool Reveals Hidden Interests

  • Tác giả: interestexplorer.io
  • Ngày đăng: 11/20/2021
  • Đánh giá: 1.91 (149 vote)
  • Tóm tắt: InterestExplorer is a Facebook interest targeting tool that reveals thousands of hidden Facebook interests that can be targeted with ads

21 Reach Your Perfect Facebook Audience – ConvertBomb

  • Tác giả: convertbomb.com
  • Ngày đăng: 02/05/2022
  • Đánh giá: 1.95 (138 vote)
  • Tóm tắt: Reveal Thousands of Hidden and. Niche Facebook Interests · point Search by broad topic with unlimited number of results · point Target by any of the supported 

22 HelloTargeting – Intelligent targeting for Facebook Ads

  • Tác giả: hellotargeting.com
  • Ngày đăng: 03/06/2022
  • Đánh giá: 1.7 (115 vote)
  • Tóm tắt: We introduce you Hello Targeting, the only segmentation tool with Artificial Intelligence integration created by marketers for marketers, which allows you 

23 Top-notch Software for Facebook Audience Targeting – Signum.AI

  • Tác giả: signum.ai
  • Ngày đăng: 02/06/2022
  • Đánh giá: 1.66 (145 vote)
  • Tóm tắt: · Thus you get an all-in-one tool that will reduce CAC and CPR while boosting ad conversions. And most importantly, all user data will remain 

24 How to Prepare for Facebook Audience Targeting Changes

  • Tác giả: socialmediaexaminer.com
  • Ngày đăng: 10/21/2021
  • Đánh giá: 1.52 (150 vote)
  • Tóm tắt: · What Types of Facebook Ads Audiences Do These Changes Impact? It’s easy to dismiss detailed targeting as a tool that’s exclusive to interest- 

25 15 Powerful Facebook Ad Targeting Tips for 2022 – Shopify

  • Tác giả: shopify.com
  • Ngày đăng: 07/18/2022
  • Đánh giá: 1.42 (154 vote)
  • Tóm tắt: · Facebook offers location-based audience targeting. This is especially helpful if you know where your audience is located or you want to target a 

26 The Top 16 Facebook Ads Tools You Didn’t Even Know Existed

  • Tác giả: nealschaffer.com
  • Ngày đăng: 05/17/2022
  • Đánh giá: 1.45 (63 vote)
  • Tóm tắt: · If you think the built-in Facebook Ad Manager is the only tool you … provide simplified targeting, and their analytics are actionable

27 21 Powerful Facebook Advertising Tools to Advance Your Ad

  • Tác giả: mobilemonkey.com
  • Ngày đăng: 04/22/2022
  • Đánh giá: 1.38 (139 vote)
  • Tóm tắt: Facebook Insights audience tools; Remarketing audiences from chat audiences/history; AdEspresso management and reporting platform; Advanced Facebook inbox 

28 The New Playbook for Facebook Interest Targeting in 2022 – Madgicx

  • Tác giả: madgicx.com
  • Ngày đăng: 07/08/2022
  • Đánh giá: 1.19 (88 vote)
  • Tóm tắt: · Facebook’s interest targeting feature allows you to deliver your ads to your target people. These people have shown interest in your industry in 

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